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Peace Service Center
Shanti Sewa Ashram
A community based spiritual centre For Peace and Selfless Service
Om Shanti! Shanti!! Shanti!!!
Peace for Ourselves
Peace for Our Community
Peace for Our Planet

Peace Service Centre (Shanti Sewa Ashram) is a long waited dream; a tiny seed of love, peace and service which is taking a beautiful shape now. It has given us enormous pleasure because it is the manifestation of our common dream, example of our collective effort and outcome of our true prayers!!
What we hope is that disadvantaged children, women, and elderly people should get a holistic service in the Centre / Ashram regardless of religion, cast, sex, sect or nationality; It will be a big open house where one can get service, prayer, awakening and enjoyment. 

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Peace service centre  was founded in  Kathmandu for the promotion of peace as a reflection of Mr. Yogi's effort to bring organizations working in several areas of the society into a common forum. It dreams of fostering selfless service towards humanity through peace and non-violence and various spiritual and philosophical awareness programs for the realization .......

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